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Dear Fellow Toastmasters,

Contest season is upon us and club dues are due on April 1. If you have not paid your club dues, please reach out to your club treasurer. If you are the club Treasurer and have not paid any of your members’ dues to Toastmasters International, please get those paid. If your club has not paid dues for eight (8) or more members by April 1, your club will be considered not in good standing until you meet eight (8) or more paid members.

If you are a contestant or a club who has a member competing, two things have to happen if you have not paid dues:

The first thing that needs to happen is you need to be a member in good standing status in order to join as a Contestant.

The second thing that needs to happen is your club needs to be in good standing (eight or more paid members) in order for you to join as a Contestant.

What is the meaning of the term good standing? It means, the Status of a firm (or member of an organization) which is current with the payment of statutory dues and filing of required periodical reports. Aha! That’s the meaning, and paying our dues is our chance to retain our good standing membership and club status.

Thank You,

Glenda Edwards, DTM
District 37 Program Quality Director