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Pathways Resources

District 37 Pathways Orientation Program 
This program is designed to help you as a club leader introduce Pathways to your club and fully implement
Pathways among club members. It was specially created by the District 37 Pathways Committee.

Tutorials for Base Camp Users

(Published by Rich Lemert, District 37 Pathways Committee)

Evaluations Access, Completion and Storage
How to find Evaluation Resources and store them in your Base Camp

Popups and Compatibility Issues
A guide to popup settings for Pathways and operating system compatibility.

New Members Training Guide (courtesy of Muthuraman Annamalai)

Questions Answered  (courtesy of Rich Lemert)

Overview of the Icebreaker
Getting you through the very first Pathways project

Program Details 

(Published by District 4 Toastmasters)

Detail of the Pathways Learning Experience

A complete overview of the Pathways program, documenting all paths, levels and projects.

Pathways Tracking Chart for Your Club

A useful tool to track club member progress within Pathways, with space to record path names and dates of each project completed.

Paths and Core Competencies

A graphical look at the various competencies developed within each path.


A site map of Pathways resources from A to Z compiled by Karen Story (

Path and Project Matrix

A graphical look at the various required and elective projects associated with each path.

Pathways Facts Infographic

A graphical look at some Pathways adoption and use statistics (May, 2019).

Pathways Graphics 

We found these graphics produced by TI, other districts, and other Pathways users. They may be helpful in understanding the Pathways structure.

Pathways Tip Videos 

(Created by the District 37 Public Relations Committee and are all available on the D37 Youtube Channel)