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District 37 Awards

District 37 recognizes the outstanding achievements in growth and leadership of our members each year with awards including the Club President of the Year Award and the Toastmaster of the Year Award.

Toastmaster of the Year Award

The Toastmaster of the Year Award is chosen by the outgoing District Governor. It is awarded to someone considered to have contributed to the success of the district during the course of the year.

View Toastmaster of the Year Award Recipients
2019David Lindquist, DTM
2018Nadine Sullivan
2017Michael Beach, DTM
2016Elmer Hill, DTM
2015David Nottingham, DTM
2014Angel Guerrero, DTM
2013Paul Colaianni
2013Nancy Johnson
2013Chris Wetli
2012Rick Dameron
2011Chuck Blethen
2010Larry Brown, DTM, PDG
2009Patrick Curley
2007Pete Breidenbach, DTM
2006Sindy Martin, DTM
2005Yolanda Potter
2004Pam Christopher, DTM, PDG, PID
2002Ron Bower, DTM
2000Forrest Greenslade, DTM
1998Harold Barger, DTM
1997Tommy Watts, ATM
1996Patricia Tierney, ATM
1995Wilma Hamlin, ATM-S
1994Morris Dean, ATM
1993Susan Lackey, ATM
1992Lori Bates, ATM
1991Paul Lynch, DTM
1990Ralph Walker, DTM
1989Raeford Smith, DTM
1988Harry Carpenter, ATM-S
1987Harry Carpenter, ATM-S
1986Marcia Barney, DTM, PDG
1985Robert Johnston, DTM
1984Mary Reynolds, DTM
1983Paul Lynch, DTM
1982Brent Taylor
1981Robert Freeman, DTM
1980Lee Beattie, DTM, PDG, PID
1979John Vrabel, DTM
1978Steve Medlin
1977Chuck Hora
1976Joe Ellisor, DTM, PDG
1975Sara Smith, DTM, PDG
1974Sidney Gunst
1973Peter Gerns, DTM, PDG
1972Leo Mortimer