District 37 Awards

District 37 recognizes the outstanding achievements in growth and leadership of our members each year with awards including the Club President of the Year Award and the Toastmaster of the Year Award.

Toastmaster of the Year Award

The Toastmaster of the Year Award is chosen by the outgoing District Governor. It is awarded to someone considered to have contributed to the success of the district during the course of the year.

View Toastmaster of the Year Award Recipients
2023Julianna DeMicco
2022Brian K. Crutchfield, DTM
2021Deb Lee, DTM
2020Nehal Tanna, DTM
2019David Lindquist, DTM
2018Nadine Sullivan
2017Michael Beach, DTM
2016Elmer Hill, DTM
2015David Nottingham, DTM
2014Angel Guerrero, DTM
2013Paul Colaianni
2013Nancy Johnson
2013Chris Wetli
2012Rick Dameron
2011Chuck Blethen
2010Larry Brown, DTM, PDG
2009Patrick Curley
2007Pete Breidenbach, DTM
2006Sindy Martin, DTM
2005Yolanda Potter
2004Pam Christopher, DTM, PDG, PID
2002Ron Bower, DTM
2000Forrest Greenslade, DTM
1998Harold Barger, DTM
1997Tommy Watts, ATM
1996Patricia Tierney, ATM
1995Wilma Hamlin, ATM-S
1994Morris Dean, ATM
1993Susan Lackey, ATM
1992Lori Bates, ATM
1991Paul Lynch, DTM
1990Ralph Walker, DTM
1989Raeford Smith, DTM
1988Harry Carpenter, ATM-S
1987Harry Carpenter, ATM-S
1986Marcia Barney, DTM, PDG
1985Robert Johnston, DTM
1984Mary Reynolds, DTM
1983Paul Lynch, DTM
1982Brent Taylor
1981Robert Freeman, DTM
1980Lee Beattie, DTM, PDG, PID
1979John Vrabel, DTM
1978Steve Medlin
1977Chuck Hora
1976Joe Ellisor, DTM, PDG
1975Sara Smith, DTM, PDG
1974Sidney Gunst
1973Peter Gerns, DTM, PDG
1972Leo Mortimer

Helen Yandle Award

Helen Yandle, a dedicated Toastmaster from Charlotte, touched many people with her warmth and enthusiasm for the organization,” writes Mary Cele (Bain) Brooks, 1985-86 District 37 Governor. During her Toastmasters career she formed several new clubs; served in all offices in several clubs; and edited several club bulletins. She served the District as Area Governor and Western Division Governor, and became a candidate for Lt Governor, Marketing.

During her Lt. Governor, Marketing candidacy in 1982, she died in an auto accident on her way to a Toastmasters meeting. District 37 was numbed by the loss of such an impactful leader, mentor, and dedicated member.

This award was created to honor her memory. Each year, an engraved plaque is presented to the “Outstanding Club President” in District 37 who exemplifies Helen’s spirit. The plaque is given in the Fall of each year, “to recognize the Club President whose efforts demonstrate the strongest motivation for club members to gain personal growth by taking advantage of the educational opportunities offered by Toastmasters International.”

View Helen Yandle Award Recipients
2022Julie Richardt, DTM
2021Taylor Johnson
2018Jay Paulson
2017Diane Harris
2016Freddie Barbour
2015Darnell Badger
2014Jackie Kilberg
2013Elana Gilbert
2012Jean Bailey Robor
2011Linda Stokes
2010Marvin Miles
2009Glenda Teams
2008Maria Betts
2007Connie Marthinsen
2006Deb Lee
2005Andy Kaplan
2004Deborah Joyner
2002Lisa Ann Andrews
2001Marilyn Sprague Smith and Hank Dearborn (dual award)
1999Peter Knudsen
1998Kensey Oglesby
1996Fran Breece
1991Mary Brady

Jay R Nodine Award

This award is given to a Toastmaster who exhibits excellence not only inside Toastmasters but outside within the community. This award ended in 2018.

View Jay R. Nodine Award Recipients
2018Deb Lee
2017Pete Breidenbach
2016Charles Harvey
2015Jessica Keys
2014Pam Christopher
2013Melissa Kennedy

District 37 Club Achievers

This award was given to a Toastmaster who completed all roles in the club (timer, evaluator, Toastmaster of the day, etc.) as well as having completed their Ice Breaker speech during the Toastmaster year. If the individual is a club officer, they should be up to date on their officer training as well.

View Club Achiever Award Recipients
Baokhanh "Khanh" TonHigh Energy
Phyllis Kombol, DTMEat Your Words
Brian Crutchfield, DTMWells Fargo Stagecoach Speakers Uptown
Dr. Kenneth Morton, DTMWells Fargo Stagecoach Speakers Uptown
Jerald PorterGateway to Speaking Excellence
Angela Harris, DTMGateway to Speaking Excellence
Kia KinlawGateway to Speaking Excellence
Ann KirchnerGastonia Toastmasters Club
Chris WoltermannGastonia Toastmasters Club
Cory WarrenGastonia Toastmasters Club
Jodi WarrenGastonia Toastmasters Club
Kevin Spalding, DTMGastonia Toastmasters Club
Wayne Grubaugh, DTMGastonia Toastmasters Club
Amanda GatesWells Fargo Stagecoach Speakers Uptown
Amy SatterfieldWells Fargo Stagecoach Speakers Uptown
Kayren Cathcart, DTMWells Fargo Stagecoach Speakers Uptown
Melissa VernonWells Fargo Stagecoach Speakers Uptown
Hannah SenkowStagecoach Speakers Ballantyne
Adaryll HorneStagecoach Speakers Ballantyne
Crystal BurnsStagecoach Speakers Ballantyne
Laney ClarkCatawba Valley Toastmasters
Mike DavisCatawba Valley Toastmasters
Walter GarciaCatawba Valley Toastmasters
Bruce HookerCatawba Valley Toastmasters
Julianne JohnsonCatawba Valley Toastmasters
Jackie McKoolCatawba Valley Toastmasters
Kevin WoodwardCatawba Valley Toastmasters
Jonathan PfeiferADI Techmasters
Bart DavyADI Techmasters
Sarah IdrisADI Techmasters
Benedict IsaacADI Techmasters
Pavani ManchalaADI Techmasters
Sourabh DeshpandeADI Techmasters
Deepak Kumar Anigulu Mohan, DTMADI Techmasters
Elian D. VargasGateway to Speaking Excellence
Kyeem D. HayesGateway to Speaking Excellence
Kelly A . ThomasGateway to Speaking Excellence

District 37 Area and Division Contest Winners

Congratulations to our Area and Division Contest Winners

View 2024 Area Contest Winners
1Table TopicsFirstRobbie GreenRidgefield Toastmasters
1Table TopicsSecondDavid CavillKeynote Speechcrafters
1Table TopicsThirdChris IvesdalFour Seasons
1InternationalFirstRobbie GreenRidgefield Toastmasters
1InternationalSecondDavid CavillKeynote Speechcrafters
1InternationalThirdStan Coss, DTMFour Seasons
2Table TopicsFirstJohn BowenAdvanced Toastmasters of Asheville
2Table TopicsSecondLaura HarkriderAsheville Toastmasters
2Table TopicsThirdDara KielyAsheville Toastmasters
2InternationalFirstLaura HarkriderAsheville Toastmasters
2InternationalSecondCeleste LaurenNew Dimension
2InternationalThirdDada MaheshvaranandaAsheville Toastmasters
3Table TopicsFirstTony KombolMcDowell NC Toastmasters
3Table TopicsSecondNorma PooreCatawba Valley Toastmasters
3InternationalFirstPhyllis Kombol, DTMMcDowell NC Toastmasters
3InternationalSecondMike DavisCatawba Valley Toastmasters
13InternationalFirstShweta KudupleWells Fargo CIC Toastmasters
44InternationalFirstLinda-Marie MillerBlue Moon Advanced Toastmasters
11Table TopicsFirstIsaiah ColemanGoldmine Toastmasters
11Table TopicsSecondAngelia CookEat Your Wods Toastmasters
11Table TopicsThirdRafael Quintero, DTMPeople Growing Together
11InternationalFirstTim Edwards, DTMPeople Growing Together
11InternationalSecondWai Yau, DTMEat Your Wods Toastmasters
11InternationalThirdGary RizzoGoldmine Toastmasters
15Table TopicsFirstRon Crews, DTMAdvanced Communicators of Charlotte
15Table TopicsSecondStephen MeltonB4 Nine Toastmasters
15InternationalFirstRon Crews, DTMAdvanced Communicators of Charlotte
15InternationalSecondStephen MeltonB4 Nine Toastmasters
21Table TopicsFirstKenneth Morton, DTMWells Fargo Stagecoach Speakers Uptown Charlotte
21Table TopicsSecondJan HenryFUN Toastmasters
21Table TopicsThirdFlorine HurdleWells Fargo Stagecoach Speakers Uptown Charlotte
21InternationalFirstAna Campos MedinaFUN Toastmasters
21InternationalSecondKenneth Morton, DTMWells Fargo Stagecoach Speakers Uptown Charlotte
21InternationalThirdJamonica FacysonHigh Energy Toastmasters
12Table TopicsFirstJavonte ColemanTIAA Toastmasters of the Carolinas
12Table TopicsSecondPatrick AmesUniversity City Toastmasters
14Table TopicsFirstStefanie SagerLowe's Home Improvement
14Table TopicsSecondAdriana WalshFunnyBone 2
14Table TopicsThirdAlex BoyerKenton Place Toastmasters
14InternationalFirstStefanie SagerLowe's Home Improvement
14InternationalSecondStephen KrupaToastmasters at the Lake
32Table TopicsFirstRonke Adetolu-CampbellSouthpark Toastmasters
32Table TopicsSecondDarrell HorowitzMonday Six-O
32InternationalFirstRoy Lewis, DTMMonday Six-O
34Table TopicsFirstAdaryll HorneStagecoach Speakers Ballantyne
34Table TopicsSecondKathleen HablutzelBank of America Toastmasters at Ballantyne
34InternationalFirstDavid SoftleyBank of America Toastmasters at Ballantyne
23Table TopicsFirstAndrea WilliamsHigh Altitude Advanced Toastmasters
23Table TopicsSecondMoumita BanerjeeQueen City Toastmasters
23Table TopicsThirdBill FountainQueen City Toastmasters
23InternationalFirstColin StiflerQueen City Toastmasters
23InternationalSecondAndrea WilliamsHigh Altitude Advanced Toastmasters
31Table TopicsFirstPauline RobinsonMicrosoft Charlotte Toasmasters
31Table TopicsSecondMurat AkayShipmasters Toastmasters
33Table TopicsFirstMason ThomasBallantyne Toastmasters
33Table TopicsSecondSharon ArnettTransformation Toastmasters
33Table TopicsThirdJason BirdSteele Creek Toastmasters
33InternationalFirstShannon TobiaBallantyne Toastmasters
33InternationalSecondJonathan McGheeSteele Creek Toastmasters
41Table TopicsFirstCasey BrownWinston-Salem Toastmasters
41InternationalFirstSherman TransouWinston-Salem Toastmasters
42Table TopicsFirstRobert PhelpsNorthwestern Toastmasters
42InternationalFirstShawn Gaudet de LestardNorthwestern Toastmasters
43Table TopicsFirstPatrick ByrneTriad Toastmasters
43Table TopicsSecondBenedict IsaacADI Techmasters
43InternationalFirstChris MurphyCarolina Christian Toastmasters
43InternationalSecondPatrick ByrneTriad Toastmasters
43InternationalThirdDeepak Kumar Anigulu Mohan, DTMADI Techmasters
View 2024 Division Contest Winners
BTable TopicsFirstStefanie SagerLowe's Home Improvement
BTable TopicsSecondJavonte ColemanTIAA Toastmasters of the Carolinas
BTable TopicsThirdRon Crews, DTMAdvanced Communicators of Charlotte
BInternationalFirstShweta KudupleWells Fargo CIC Toastmasters
BInternationalSecondTim Edwards, DTMPeople Growing Together
BInternationalThirdStefanie SagerLowe's Home Improvement
CTable TopicsFirstKenneth Morton, DTMWells Fargo Stagecoach Speakers Uptown Charlotte
CTable TopicsSecondAndrea WilliamsHigh Altitude Advanced Toastmasters
CInternationalFirstColin StiflerQueen City Toastmasters
CInternationalSecondAna Campos MedinaFUN Toastmasters
AInternationalFirstRobbie GreeneLand of Sky
AInternationalSecondPhyllis Kombol, DTMMcDowell Toastmasters
AInternationalThirdLaura HarkriderAsheville Toastmasters
ATable TopicsFirstTony KombolMcDowell Toastmasters
ATable TopicsSecondJohn BowenAdvanced Toastmasters of Asheville
ATable TopicsThirdRobbie GreeneLand of Sky
EInternationalFirstLinda-Marie MillerBlue Moon Advanced Toastmasters
EInternationalSecondShawn Gaudet de LestardNorthwestern Toastmasters
EInternationalThirdSherman TransouWinston-Salem Toastmasters
ETable TopicsFirstRobert PhelpsNorthwestern Toastmasters
DInternationalFirstRoy Lewis, DTMMonday Six-O
DInternationalSecondShannon TobiaBallantyne Toastmasters
DTable TopicsFirstMason ThomasBallantyne Toastmasters
DTable TopicsSecondRonke Adetolu CampbellSouthpark Toastmasters
DTable TopicsThirdPauline RobinsonMicrosoft Charlotte Toastmasters