What Is a District?

District 37 is here to support our members and their clubs!

It’s All About You… Members!

You, as a member, are the most important person in the Toastmasters organizational hierarchy. Look at the organizational pyramid; Members are at the top!

Every other part of the Toastmasters organization supports the member’s individual growth. That is why Toastmasters works!

Members belong to clubs and create clubs.

From a global perspective… to keep things running smoothly for the over 240,000 members… in 14,700 clubs and counting… in 144 countries…

  • Toastmasters International divides the globe into Regions. Regions are divided into Districts!
The mission of every District is:
To build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.

Within a District clubs are grouped into Areas and Areas are grouped into Divisions.

Toastmasters Hierarchy

District 37

As part of Region 7, District 37serves western North Carolina.