Past District Governors / Directors

Thank you for your leadership!
The following is a list of our former District Governors. On July 1, 2015, Toastmasters International changed this leadership title from District Governor to District Director. The “City” refers to city of residence in North Carolina during each leader’s tenure as District Governor or District Director.


2022-2023Jody Koonce, DTMMint Hill
2021-2022Tim Edwards, DTMSalisburyD37 District Split 2019-20 - D37 Cinco CGD-West, 1st Virtual Club/District meetings & contests due to Covid
D37 Trio - PQD 2020-21, 1st D37 Virtual Conference
D37 Trio DD 2021-22,
2020-2021Michael Beach, DTMRaleigh
2019-2020Elmer Hill, DTMChapel Hill1) Finalized the split of North Carolina into District 37 (West) and District 117 (East).
2) During the COVID-19 pandemic, transitioned to online Area, Division and District speech contests.
3) D37 International Speech contestant won 2nd place at the 2020 World Championship of Public Speaking.
2018-2019Bill Marlow, DTMApexInitiated TLI Extravaganza
2017-2018Glenda Teams-Edwards, DTMSalisburyDistinguished DistrictInitiated the District 37 Split & Established Area/Division Director Kick Off & Training Manuals
2016-2017Cynthia Martin, DTMHigh PointDistinguished DistrictEstablished the 10 Division TLI's & Officer Depot Discount Card for all Clubs and Leaders
2015-2016Vicki Simpson, DTMMatthewsEstablished the District Mentor of the Year Award
2014-2015Johnny Piercy, DTMCharlotte
2013-2014Ken Miller, DTMCharlotte
2012-2013Naomi Takeuchi, DTMCaryDistinguished District
2011-2012Bryan Walsh, DTMMatthewsDistinguished DistrictStarted Family Weekend and Jay Nodine Memorial Golf Tournament
2010-2011Sharon Anita Hill, DTM, PDG, PIDChapel HillDistinguished DistrictInternational Director, 2013-2015
Region Advisor, 2012-2013
2009-2010Deb Lee, DTMIron StationSelect Distinguished DistrictStarted Train-the-Trainer Program and Judges Training
2008-2009Charles Harvey, DTMDurhamSelect Distinguished DistrictInitiated use of Constant Contact
2007-2008Pam Christopher, DTM, PDG, PIDStatesvilleSelect Distinguished DistrictInternational Director, 2009-2011
2006-2007Michael Kesselring, DTMBryson CityImplemented East and West Dual TLI's
2005-2006Rhonda VrellCharlotte
2005-2006Bob Mick, DTMCharlotte
2004-2005Ron Bower, DTMJacksonville
2003-2004Larry Brown, DTMBurlington
2003-2004Bob MickCharlotte
2002-2003Sara Ruth Barger, DTMGreensboroDistinguished District
2001-2002Anand Ramaswami, DTMChapel HillDistinguished District
2000-2001Larry D. Brown, DTMBurlingtonDistinguished District First District 37 Website Created
1999-2000Peter A. Knudsen, DTMChapel Hill
1998-1999Carl Campbell, Jr., DTMFayettevilleSelect Distinguished District
1997-1998Van Sherrill, ATMKernersvilleDistinguished District
1996-1997Richard Reece, DTMMorehead City
1995-1996Peggy Beach, DTMRaleigh
1994-1995Tom Johnson, DTM
1993-1994Sam Tukes, DTMFayetteville
1992-1993Barney Barnum, DTMLake Norman
1991-1992Dennis Vickland, DTMWinston-Salem
1990-1991M. (Hari) Rao, DTMCharlotteDistinguished District
1989-1990Patricia Tierney, ATMRaleighDistinguished District
1988-1989Robert Johnston, DTMDistinguished District
1987-1988Sheila Miller, DTMRaleighDistinguished District
1986-1987Jack Bohland, DTMSelect Distinguished District
1985-1986Mary Cele Bain, DTMCharlotte
1984-1985W.L. (Bill) Mintz, DTMCharlotte
1983-1984Gene A. West, DTMDistinguished District
1982-1983Don Von Cannon, DTMGreensboro
1981-1982David A. RobertsLandisDistinguished District
1980-1981Mickey W. Marshall, DTMWinston-SalemSelect Distinguished District
1979-1980Sara G. Smith, DTMLewisvillePresident'’s Distinguished District
1978-1979Jay R. Nodine, DTM, PDG, PIDKannapolisSelect Distinguished DistrictInternational Director, 1988-1990
1977-1978Lee Beattie, DTM, PDG, PIDRaleighInternational Director, 1992-1994
1976-1977M.B. (Bucky) Sutton, DTM, PDG, PIDDistinguished DistrictInternational Director, 1981-1983
1975-1976Hubert (Butch) Barney, DTM, PDG, PIDWinston-SalemInternational Director, 1977-1979
1974-1975Jim McCauleyBurlington
1973-1974Joe Ellisor, DTM
1972-1973Oscar Olive, DTM
1971-1972Bob Herndon, DTM, PDG, PIDDistinguished DistrictInternational Director, 1973-1975
1970-1971Bill Robinson
1969-1970Leonard Butler, DTMBurlington
1968-1969John Edwards
1967-1968R.B. Owens
1966-1967Larry Beitel
1965-1966Francis S. KeyCramerton
1964-1965Peter Gerns, DTM
1963-1964C. Ben Coble, DTMBurlington
1962-1963Max Samfield
1961-1962Perry M. WeaverAsheville
1960-1961Bob GallowayCharlotte
1959-1960F.L. SmithBurlington
1958-1959Marvin R. JonesKinston
1957-1958Bill Hylton, PDG, PIDHigh PointInternational Director, 1958-1960
1956-1957Ted Davis
1955-1956W.A. Stringfellow
1954-1955Murray SenkusWinston-Salem
1953-1954Robert N. Wood
1952-1953Arch Schock