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District Leadership Team

The District 37 Leadership Team is dedicated to our District’s members. It’s a great responsibility and an exciting opportunity. As facilitators of the success of our members and clubs, the team instills a sense of enthusiasm, fidelity and responsibility throughout the district. If you are new to Toastmasters or are searching for a club in your community, use our Find a Club tool.

District Chairs & Ambassadors
Division & Area Directors
Past District Governors / Directors

Elmer Hill

District Director

Ramona Baylor

Program Quality Director – East

Karlene Fyffe Phillips

Club Growth Director – East

Michael Beach

Program Quality Director – West

Tim Edwards

Club Growth Director – West

Nehal Tanna

Administration Manager

Peter Agiovlassitis

Logistics Manager

Lana Torkildsen

Finance Manager

David Lindquist

Public Relations Manager

Abid Sheikh

Audit Chair

Toni Valakas

District Credentials Manager

Bill Marlow

Immediate Past District Director

Jean Snider

District Parliamentarian

District Chairs & Ambassadors

Katrynah Talbert

District Contest Chair

Pam Carroll

District Chief Judge

Pete Breidenbach, DTM

District Timer

Wai Yau

Education Chair

Joyce Tynes

Registration Chair

Sharon Hill

District Leadership Committee (DLC) Chair

Ron Crews

District Photographer

Rich Lemert

Pathways Champion – East

Ken Taylor

Realignment Chair

Charles Harvey

Past District Director and Governor Committee – East

Pam Christopher

Past District Director and Governor Committee – West


Youth Leadership Coordinator – East


Youth Leadership Coordinator – West

Club Growth Team – West

Glenda Teams-Edwards

Club Extension Chair – West

Bob Pierce

Club Coach Chair – West

Wayne Grubaugh

Club Growth Chair – West

Catherine Maillet

Club Growth Chair – West

Club Growth Team – East

Karen Demby

Club Extension Chair – East

Robert Johnson

Club Sponsor Chair – East

Ruby Wells

Club Coach Committee Chair – East

Division & Area Directors

Alicia Hughes

Division A Director

Bryan Smith

Area 1 Director

Four Seasons Toastmasters
Franklin Community Toastmasters
Land of Sky Toastmasters
Ridgefield Toastmasters
Speaking of Eaton Toastmasters

Rei Fuller

Area 2 Director

Asheville Toastmasters
Blue Ridge Toastmasters
New Dimensions Toastmasters
Toastmasters on a Mission

Katherine Alford

Area 3 Director

Advanced Toastmasters of Asheville
Burke Toastmasters
Catawba Valley Toastmasters
High Country Toastmasters

Phyllis Kombol

Area 4 Director

Cleveland County Communicators
Dye Hard Toastmasters
Gastonia Toastmasters
Lincolnton Toastmasters

Djuna Barnes

Division B Director

Adrian Marable

Area 11 Director

Eat Your Words Toastmasters
Goldmine Toastmasters
People Growing Together Toastmasters
Yawn Patrol Zone Toastmasters

Jamil Massey

Area 12 Director

TIAA Toastmasters of the Carolinas
Toasters and Ovens
UNC Charlotte Toastmasters
Wells Fargo Research Drive Toastmasters

Valerie Adams

Area 13 Director

Charlotte Toastmasters @ The Hartford
East Coast Electric Toasters
Etc Etc Toastmasters
Wells Fargo IP Toastmasters

Shawne Durham

Area 14 Director

Friendship Toastmasters
Trimedx Toastmasters Charlotte
University City Toastmasters
Wells Fargo CIC Toastmasters

Patricia Lisum

Area 15 Director

Caffeinated Boneheads
Davidson Toastmasters
Lowes Home Improvement Toastmasters
Toastmasters at the Lake

Shawn Turner

Area 16 Director

Advanced Communicators of Charlotte
ATD Toastmasters
B4 Nine Toastmasters
Kenton Place Toastmasters
Lake Norman Toastmasters

Melissa Steadman

Division C Director

Ed Ettorre”

Area 21 Director

FUN Toastmasters
Gateway to Speaking Excellence Toastmasters
Little Big Mouths Toastmasters
The Railyard Toastmasters
Wells Fargo Stagecoach Spkrs Uptown Charl.

Tomica Lindsey

Area 22 Director

Bank of America Uptown Toastmasters
Greater Opportunity Speaking Toastmasters
High Energy Toastmasters
Primetime Media Masters Toastmasters
Stadium Overlook Toastmasters

Freddie Barbour

Area 23 Director

Atrium Health Toastmasters
CPCC Toastmasters
ESP Toastmasters
Public Service Toastmasters
Queen City Toastmasters

Roy Lewis

Area 24 Director

Hornets Nest Toastmasters
Monday Six O Toastmasters
Piedmont Natural Gas Toastmasters
Southpark Toastmasters

Jerald Porter

Area 25 Director

Belks Sto-Re-Tellers
Compass Speaks Out Toastmasters
Sealed Air Charlotte Toastmasters
Toastmasters Tuesdays

Gary Cohen

Division D Director


Area 31 Director

Charlotte Works Toastmasters
Charter Corp Toastmasters Club
Microsoft Charlotte Toastmasters
Professional Edge Toastmasters
RoundPoint Elite Toastmasters
Ship Masters Toastmasters


Area 32 Director

BASF Charlotte Toastmasters
Siemens Eloquent Energizers
SnapMasters Toastmasters
Steele Creek Toastmasters

Maurice Mazone

Area 33 Director

ADP Charlotte Toastmasters
Ballantyne Toastmasters
Premier Toastmasters
SoChar Toastmasters

Kimberly Lyles

Area 34 Director

Bank of America Toastmasters at Ballantyne
Charlotte NC-SYF Toastmasters
PMMC Toastmasters
Transformation Toastmasters

Mike Payne

Area 35 Director

Ballantyne Lunch Toastmasters
Matthews / Mint Hill Toastmasters
Stagecoach Speakers Ballantyne
Toastmasters of Waxhaw
Union County Government Toastmasters

Larry Johns

Division E Director

Debbie Dowdle

Area 41 Director

Bus Masters Toastmasters
Chair City Toastmasters
High Point Toastmasters
Voices of Leadership Toastmasters


Area 42 Director

Kernersville Toastmasters
Mainstream Toastmasters
Triad Talkers at PTRC
W-S State Univ. Computer Sciences Toastmasters

Luke Soares

Area 43 Director

Center Stagecoach Toastmasters
Inmarian Toastmasters
Stagecoach Speakers Linden
TE Talkers
Winston-Salem Toastmasters

Judi Steelman

Area 44 Director

Hanes T-Masters
Speak to Lead Toastmasters
VIPS Toastmasters
WEC Express Toastmasters

Mary Sullivan

Area 45 Director

Empire Toastmasters
Forsyth Toastmasters
Mercury Toastmasters
Northwestern Toastmasters

Valda Ford

Division F Director

Joyce Jasper-Morant

Area 51 Director

ADI Toastmasters
Good Growth Toastmasters
Postmasters Toastmasters
Triad Toastmasters Club

Ruth Friddle

Area 52 Director

Aextreme Toastmasters
Carolina Christian Toastmasters
Gate City Vineyard Toastmasters
Gilbarco Toastmasters
Greensboro Toastmasters Club
The Soapbox Toastmasters

Alvin Powell

Area 53 Director

Aggie Engineers Toastmasters
Aggie Toastmasters
Sunrise Toastmasters
The Progressive Toastmasters

Alex Floate

Area 54 Director

Arch MI Toastmasters
Blue Moon Advanced Toastmasters
Goodwill Prose Toastmasters
Lincoln Financial Toastmasters
Talk of the Town Toastmasters

Winston Sanford

Division G Director

Margaret Escobar

Area 63 Director

Blue Devil Toastmasters
City Talk Toastmasters
DCo Toastmasters
Duke Toastmasters Club
FHIgure of Speech Toastmasters


Area 64 Director

Durham Toastmasters
Durham Rescue Mission Toastmasters
PRATTically Speaking Toastmasters
True Blue Toastmasters

Hiep Xuan Nguyen

Area 65 Director

Credit Suisse Speak and Shine Toastmasters
R.I.E.L. Toastmasters
Rx Toastmasters
Smart Talk Toastmasters
Talking Together Toastmasters

Tom Snee

Area 66 Director

GoTalk Toastmasters
Knowledge Into Practice Toastmasters
RTP Toastmasters
Syngenta Talk Whisperers

Ines Sanabria

Division H Director

Andrea Sato

Area 71 Director

Campus Toastmasters
Centennial Visioneers Toastmasters
Mid Day Cabaret Toastmasters
Money Talks Toastmasters

Meri Lynch

Area 72 Director

Apex Toastmasters
BCP Cary Toastmasters
Peakway Toastmasters

Nisla Love

Area 73 Director

Central Carolina Toastmasters
EMC Peak City Toastmasters
Pittsboro Toastmasters
Toastmasters Club of the Sandhills

Michelle Chillis

Area 74 Director

All American Toastmasters
Bronco Toastmasters
Cape Fear Toastmasters
Soaring Eagles Toastmasters

Joy Carter

Area 75 Director

Centre Green
Deere Talk Club
MetLife Innovators Toastmasters Club
Softtalk Toastmasters Club

Patty McCaffrey

Area 76 Director

Cary Club Toastmasters
Carylina Toastmasters Club
Heart of Cary Toastmasters
Wells Fargo Triangle Toastmasters

Susan Marshall

Division I Director

Logan Suguitan

Area 81 Director

Capital City Toastmasters
Clayton Area Toastmasters
Hi-Rise Toasters Club
Open Voice Toastmasters

Maxine Terry

Area 82 Director

Born Toastmasters
Cardinal Toastmasters
Phreesia Toastmasters
Step Up Speakers Circle
We Are Wake Toastmasters

Stephen Beausang

Area 83 Director

Allscripts Toastmasters
EY Tri^2 Toastmasters
Raleigh Toastmasters
Tarheel Toastmasters
Toasting on Mayne Street

Brandon Brown

Area 84 Director

East Awake Toastmasters
High Noon Toastmasters
In Good Company Toastmasters
Video Mojo Toastmasters

Bernie Estevez

Area 85 Director

Bedford Toastmasters
Novozymes Toastmasters
The Toast of Wake Forest
Wake Forest Toastmasters

Kimarie Machinga

Area 86 Director

Automasters Toastmasters
Bush Street Toastmasters
Raleigh Talkmasters
RITSC Toastmasters
Schneider Electric Toastmasters

Michael Thorn

Division J Director

Trang Tran

Area 91 Director

Cummins RMEP Toastmasters Club
Greenville Toastmasters
Pharm Talk Toastmasters
River City Toastmasters
Rocky Mount Toastmasters
The Bantering Blues


Area 92 Director

Kinston Club
Jacksonville Club
Goldsboro Club
Seymour Johnson Toastmasters

Dwayne Whiting

Area 93 Director

Cherry Point Toastmasters
Morehead City Toastmasters
New Bern Toastmasters
Sound of Freedom Toastmasters

Pamela Hankins Brown

Area 94 Director

Lamplighters Toastmasters
Wilmington Toastmasters
PPD Wilmington Toastmasters
Brunswick County Toastmasters

Cecil Dharmasri

Division K Director

Bruce Spesard

Area 95 Director

Bull City Toastmasters
Gateway Toastmasters
Lunchtime Toastmasters
Top Triangle Toastmasters

Utpal Chatterjee

Area 96 Director

Captivating Dialogue Toastmasters
Madd Chatters Toastmasters
UCB Toastmasters
Uninterruptible & Professional Speakers (UPS)

Lauren Chisholm

Area 97 Director

Credit Suisse Speak Up and Speak Out Toastmasters
FujiFilm TechTalks
Lenovo Toastmasters US
TransLoc Toastmasters

Annapurna Deo

Area 98 Director

NC Project Leaders Toastmasters
[email protected]
TechTalk Toastmasters
RTP Power Speakers Toastmasters

Prasad Joshi

Area 99 Director

AgVocates Toastmasters
NIEHS Toastmasters
RDU Toastmasters
Speakin Ezy Toastmasters